the alternative: ultra-fine fog droplets using thermal fog and cold fog application

ULV-application methods save labour time and reduce chemical and labour costs. Desired droplet sizes for a residual treatment are in the range of 50-100 ?m. pulsFOG thermal foggers using water based plant protection chemicals provide these droplet sizes.

A problem of deposition treatment is the rapid evaporation of the aerosols. Even under a medium relative humidity of 80 % a water droplet of 50 µm diameter has a life span of only 12.5 seconds. When the water portion of a droplet evaporates, its weight and size decreases to such an extent that settling onto the foliage is no longer ensured. This means that it loses its deposition treatment capability. Chelating (e.g. in nutriFOG
®) and other dispersal agents such as “VK-2 Spezial” are able to retard the evaporation of the water long enough to stabilize the droplet size until it reaches the plant.

Precondition: wind speed is less 5 km/h and relative air humidity is higher 80%.

A selection of Polaroids while using thermal fogging machines

 Image of frost prevention through pulsFOG thermal fogging

Frost Control

Fogging for frost control will be carried out similar to a mosquito control program (considering the flow rate of the used machines, wind speed and the throwing range of fog). Instead of a insecticide a anti frost formulation based on 50% water and 50% VK-2 is used. The amount per hectare depends to the wind speed in the frost night. As lower the wind speed as less frost control chemical is necessary. A 5-10 l formulation / hectare should be helpful for a first trial.

Suitable Fogging Machines for Outdoor