pulsFOG TracFOG Stationary Cold Fogging machine

worlds first PTO driven cold fogging machine

empty weight
250 kg
105 x 78 x 170 cm
Shipping Dimensions plywood box
110 x 85 x 180 cm
capacity of solution tank
400 ltr
droplet size
flow rate
60 – 120 ltr/h
flow adjustment
restriction nozzle
rotary piston blower (roots type)
fogging nozzles
2 special far-throwing nozzles with adjustable fogging direction
driving gear
power-take off (P.T.O Standard 35-Z6 resp. 1 3/8”) with 540 rpm
Minimum tractor motor performance
15 hp

Product Description

The TracFOG works with a droplet spectrum of 20-30ìm using oil-based biocide formulations and a volume of 10-20 l/ha. The high performance of this ULV fogger leads to a application speed of 6-12 ha/h. The TracFOG is designed to treat large plantations using ULV technology mounted on tractor with power take-off. 2 ULV-nozzles are movable to all directions. In no wind conditions a height of 20 m is reached.

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