The new line of Aerosol Generator Diadema // Brazil

We at pulsFOG are proud to give you the world premier of the world's first PTO driven cold fogging unit. The new tracFOG is a new line of aerosol generators for agriculture use. It offers you maximum fogging results for indoors and outdoors.

The TracFOG works with a droplet spectrum of 15-25 µm using oil-based biocide formulations and a volume of 10-20 l/ha. The high performance of this ULV fogger leads to a application speed of 6-12 ha/h

Covered up TrackFOG unit

The TracFOG is designed to treat large plantations using ULV technology mounted on tractor with power take-off. 2 ULV-nozzles are movable to all directions. In no wind conditions a height of 20 m is reached. Indoors, 50 m is reached without any problems. Supported by a fan system, more than 100 m does not state any problem.