Introducing new features on pulsFOG's TracFOG 400F São Paulo // Brazil

Even more powerful & technical advanced the upgraded pulsFOG TracFOG 400F. At pulsFOG, we always want to keep our customers up to speed with the latest advancements from our vast product line.

With that said, we are pleased to introduce the 2013 tracFOG 400F. This PTO driven fogger features a series of improvements that will help you achieve even better results with all indoor and outdoor chemical applications. Some of the new features found on the 2013 tracFOG 400F include:

- Robust and more powerful blower for improved droplet size, higher output and increased reach
- Hinged doors for easier access to the mechanical components
- Modified high-pressure agitation system for improved results with suspensions
- Updated formulation pump with increased abrasion and chemical resistance
- New display with air, spray and agitation pressure gauges
- Easy to access oil drain pipes for quicker and easier maintenance

Interested in learning more about our 2013 tracFOG 400F? We can have one of technical specialists send you information on the 2013 tracFOG 400F or help guide you to the best suited pulsFOG products based on your specific fogging needs. Email or call us today to find out more!

new features on the TracFOG