pulsFOG pulversidores turns 30 São Paulo // Brazil

We are proud to announce that this year our Brazilian based pulsFOG division has been operating in the South American market for over 30 years! Our Brazilian subsidiary “pulsFOG Pulverizadores Ltda.” was established in São Paulo in 1982 to service the specific needs in South America.

This location is key to maintaining our vast presence in the South America region. New machines are developed in our Brazilian division to offer specific solutions for local applications, such as. the K-10sp SAN, fondly named “Ant Eater”, or transportable ULV machines to combat malaria and dengue fever. Brisk traffic in components within this branch ensures a constant solid edge against the competition. Many technical developments for the needs in tropical countries are born in this subsidiary through the inventive genius of Mr. Gunther Fouquet, son of the former partner and co-owner.

pulsFOG south america turn 30 years

We celebrate over 30 years of success with our pulsFOG South American branch and look forward to many years to come. “Cheers!” or “Saúde!” as they say in Brazil.