pulFOG new partnership with Newpharm Verona // Italy

We are very proud to announce our new partnership with Newpharm, our exclusive pulsFOG distributor for the Italian fogging market. To officially kick off our new collaboration, we will be exhibiting together with Newpharm at the 115th annual Fieragricola Trade Fair from 2-5 March, 2022 in the charming city of Verona, Italy.

Fieragricola in Verona is an international trade fair for the agricultural sector and is one of the few fairs in Italy with a complete overview of technologies and products for the industry, including farming machinery, agricultural technologies, viticulture and fruit-growing technologies and products, livestock farming, agrochemicals, fertilizers and seeds, agro-energy, and digital farming. Fieragricola has accompanied the farming world along the road to growth and modernization since 1898, promoting the productivity and profitability of farming companies and supporting rural area development.

Everyone’s personal safety is, and always has been, pulsFOG’s #1 priority. Therefore pulsFOG has not exhibited at any organized trade shows since the beginning of 2020 so this is an exciting event for our team to showcase our products and our new partnership with Newpharm! After careful consideration, we found that the Fieragricola Trade Fair spares no expense with their high-level safety protocols. They require all attendees and exhibitors to have Italy’s Green Pass and they have a lengthy list of strict measures in place throughout the entire 4 day exhibition.

If you are interested in attending and would like more information on all their safety procedures, please visit: www.fieragricola.it/en/attend-in-total-safety and www.veronafiere.it/en/info-and-services/safety-instructions/

pulsFOG products fit perfectly at this exhibition with our focus on plant protection and animal stall disinfection, including disinfection for human use. We will also be debuting our NEW pulsFOG Frost Control K-50, which perfectly suits the need of huge fogging areas and/or long fogging situations through the critical cold and frosty nights.

Will you be attending the Fieragricola Trade Fair? Please email our pulsFOG team at sales@pulsfog.com so we can arrange a time to offer you a personal view of our product line and of course more information on the new pulsFOG Frost Control K-50!

Not able to attend? No problem! You can also email us at sales@pulsfog.com and we can organize a personalised and private digital conference call to show you our products and answer any questions.

Whether in person, virtually, or over the phone, we hope to connect with you in any way, shape or form soon!