Second record production year Überlingen // Germany

This fiscal year presented unusual and extraordinary challenges to everyone, both personally and professionally. The end of 2020 marks the second record production year in pulsFOG history! Without outstanding teamwork, strong communication and hard work, this would have never happened.

While our fogging equipment is used heavily in the agricultural and farming industries, this year a vast majority of our customers have been ordering our fogging machines to be used in the fight against COVID-19 to disinfect and sanitize large public pedestrian areas safely, efficiently and thoroughly.

Simultaneous lockdowns in Germany and in countries around the world made it extremely difficult to continue production and distribution as usual. Despite all the exceptional situations happening everywhere, this year we managed to achieve another record-setting production year! This was only made possible by a very high level of commitment from our entire pulsFog workforce, our suppliers and our customers remaining loyal. In turn, we were able to maintain our supply chain, ramp up production, and continue manufacturing our cold and thermal fogging machines to meet the unexpected high global demand, all without raising our product prices.

We are so grateful for everyone who worked so hard and supported us, so that we are able to continue helping curb the spread of COVID-19 around the globe by giving people safer, sanitized public areas and potentially save lives. Again… THANK YOU!! We which you a happy new Year