2020 has been an interesting year - but in ways we never imagined… Überlingen // Germany

As the years of our lives “roll” past, many of them seem to fly by us very quickly and quietly. However, the entire year of 2020 turned out to be an unforgettably extraordinary “year of crisis” and life changing for everyone around the globe. It is said that crises are life's opportunities to transform. We all felt compelled to embark on this transformation journey and to adapt ourselves. As this year progressed, we have learned that together we are strong, together we can overcome challenges and together we can make the best out of any situation.

At pulsFOG, we’ve been fortunate to be able to keep our production going to get our fogging products quickly delivered to countries for the specific task of disinfecting and sanitizing public pedestrian spaces, helping to protect people and potentially saving lives. This would not be possible without our amazing suppliers, customers, partners and our own pulsFOG team who have stepped up in full force throughout 2020. We at pulsFOG thank EVERYONE for your trusting cooperation and help during this difficult year!

We do not know yet what changes are in store for us in 2021 - so let us be ready, confident and adaptable for anything that comes our way. All the more, we wish you and your family restful, relaxing and reflective holidays. Let’s “roll into” the new year healthy, with fresh energy and a positive outlook!

 pulsFOG Thermal Fogger Christmas tree