30 Year Anniversary Celebration! Überlingen // Germany

Aviator sunglasses were all the rage while “Top Gun” was the big movie hit of the year. Lionel Richie and Whitney Houston were burning up the music charts and IBM introduced PC Convertible- the world’s first laptop. 1986 was the year and it doesn’t even seem possible that was now 30 years ago. It was a very defining year for everyone around the globe, including for pulsFOG.

In 1986 Ms. Ingrid Hensler began working at our Überlingen pulsFOG location in our sales department. Throughout the last three decades, she has devoted so much of her hard work, knowledge, loyalty, experience and expertise to our organization that we are proud to honor and congratulate Ms. Ingrid Hensler on being a key part of our pulsFOG team for her 30th year! She comes in second as the longest serving employee only to pulsFOG President Werner Stahl. Today, Ms. Hensler still plays a very large role in our sales department. Her very friendly attitude and positive energy is infectious and spreads to all of her customers and colleagues on a daily basis.

Nowadays, the average length of time that an employee stays with a company is 4.6 years. The fact that a large percentage of our pulsFOG team has long surpassed that timeframe, and with special employees such as Ms. Hensler, this helps confirm that we always make sure to take care of each one of our employees, treat everyone as a part of our pulsFOG family and strive to maintain an exceptional work environment for all. Congratulations again Ms. Ingrid Hensler!

Ms. Hensler and Werner Stahl (CEO)

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