100.000 and still going strong! Überlingen // Germany

We are excited to announce that we have officially produced our 100.000th Portable Thermal Fogger in Nov 2016! Since our start, we have held very high standards to all of our fogging products and we have 1000’s of customers that place their trust in the pulsFOG company name.

The 100.000 portable Thermal Fogger (ONLY portable) went of the production line and is going to the US to the DRAMM Corporation. All of our portable and stationary fogging machines are manufactured and hand assembled in southern Germany. While other companies are using robots or machines to manufacture their products, pulsFOG can proudly say that each of our foggers are handmade throughout the entire manufacturing process, from the welding, to assembling parts to customizing parts or machines to fit each of our customer’s needs. We at pulsFOG believe it is very important to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and newest innovations in the fogging industry, but also think it’s very important to keep the quality of each of our products extremely high by using well-trained and experienced humans… not robots! pulsFOG is proud of our 100,000th portable Thermal Fogger and look forward to supplying our customers with thousands more high-quality, made in Germany fogging machines!

Team Pulsfog

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