Helping the environment… even more Überlingen // Germany

pulsFOG is always trying doing our part to help the environment. We follow a corporate policy to ensure our business practices help to preserve the environment and promote sustainability. We wanted a clean, emission-free and renewable energy solution to generate reliable and cost-efficient power.

With a large commercial rooftop available, adding solar panel installations presented another opportunity for us to reduce our environmental impact. Solar power energy is created using energy derived from the sun- that means no air or water pollution and no greenhouse gas emissions!
Along with being extremely environmentally friendly, manufacturing our own electricity from natural sunlight and energy cost savings every month, the new solar panel roof provides additional thermal insulation for the building to reduce overall heating and cooling usage… making an even smaller carbon footprint for pulsFOG! The new solar panel installations also help protect the roof surface from harmful, UV-ray degradation, extending the life of the roof.

Over the next three decades, these solar panel installations will help pulsFOG reduce carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 356 TONS!

That’s like:

- Saving the amount of fuel it takes to drive 1.25 MILLION kilometers, which would get you around the equator about 31.4 times
- Conserving so much water used in electricity production that it would fill 13.4 Olympic-sized swimming pools
- Eliminating the need to burn 346,894 pounds of coal… roughly the weight of 34 school buses!
- Planting 20 entire football fields full of trees

Our pulsFOG corporate color may be red but we like to think of our true corporate color as green!



Solar Energy Fun Facts:

- Many people mistakenly assume that solar panels have a relatively new history but did you know that Leonardo Da Vinci conceptualized the use of solar power? He had sketches and ideas of how to harness the sun’s energy and conceived using solar power heated water for industrial use in the 15th century!

- On the entire planet, Germany is leading in solar energy production and is the largest buyer of solar energy panels! Other countries in the top are Spain, Italy, Japan, USA and China.

- More energy hits the earth from the sun in one hour than the whole earth uses in one year. Energy is measured in terawatts (TW)- approximately 120,000 TW of sun energy hits the earth’s surface every single day. The entire planet only uses 15 TW of energy… That could be considered an almost unlimited amount of extra, unused energy!

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