A dedicated team - Thank you! Überlingen // Germany

While everyone at pulsFOG works together as a team to achieve the best products and the best customer service in the fogging industry, we would like to take some time to recognize two important employees who always go “above and beyond” for both pulsFOG and our customers AND who have over 35 years of pulsFOG company experience combined- Mr. Jens Troks and Mr. Tomislav Pranjic! Both gentlemen have been honored at our annual pulsFOG 2014 Christmas celebration.

With 25 years of dedicated employment, Mr. Troks is the second longest serving employee in the history of pulsFOG! (after Frau Hensler, who celebrated her 25 year anniversary in 2011) Mr. Troks began as a welder when he started with pulsFOG in 1989 and continues to use his welding expertise and experience today. Any welding work is carried out 100% and thanks to Mr. Troks, the rate of complaints regarding the hand welding resonators is 0! (that’s ZERO! Nada!) No doubt, this is largely due to his excellent welding skills. pulsFOG has not only appreciated his top level welding abilities throughout the years, but also his outstanding personal character. Mr. Troks is always cheerful, helpful to both customers and colleagues and he is able to stay calm and easy going under stressful circumstances.

pulsFOG Team with director- Mr. Pranjic, Mr. Stahl & Mr. ToksMr. Pranjic, Mr. Stahl and Mr. Troks 

This month, Mr. Tomislav Pranjic is beginning his 11th year of devoted service with pulsFOG. Shortly after his start in 2004, he was quickly able to prove his skills with all the in-house sheet metal machining and continues today to provide pulsFOG with his extraordinary machining talents, specializing in thin sheet metal. Mr. Pranjic is an all-rounder in terms of all maintenance activities during operation and is always interested to learn new fields, such as Lathe training and other welding techniques. As for his work ethic, Mr. Pranjic is top notch! He is continuously bringing new ideas to improve quality or processes and diligently works with our clients’ special requests. He is very reliable and always available- even rearranging his well deserved time off to accommodate unforeseen situations and last minute project deadlines.

Always giving 100% effort on any project, small or large, and being absolute team players at all times, Mr. Pranjic and Mr. Troks are definitely a valuable part of our pulsFOG family! Thank you again, for your many years of hard work, devotion and commitment on behalf of the pulsFOG company and all of our clients!