TracFOG in global demand São Paulo // Brazil

First in Brazil and the USA, then in South Africa and Europe, and beyond! The overwhelming success of our TracFOG- the world's first ever PTO driven cold fogging machine- is a giant breakthrough in fogging technology and has taken the agricultural and horticultural industries by storm

In order to keep up with the heavy global demand of our latest innovative product, TracFOG has already expanded into the South African and European markets, with a focus in these areas on our greenhouse customers. TracFOG is extremely versatile for both indoor and outdoor use.

Fogging machines have come a long way in the past 60+ years and we are seeing an increase in greenhouse operators adding on to or completely transitioning over to more modern hazing procedures. In our opinion, the main reason of steady turnover to these new fogging techniques (noticeably in the greenhouse market) is from availability of information on modernized fogging practices found on the internet and in other media sources in today's globalization. pulsFOG helps makes it an uncomplicated and smooth transition from older methods and/or update to current ones with our revolutionary, powerful, yet easy-to-handle and operate, PTO driven TracFOG unit. This cold fogging aerosol generator is equipped with two ULV nozzles which are movable in all directions. In normal, non-windy conditions, a fogging height of 20-30m is reached and in indoor greenhouses, a fogging width of 50+ meter is achieved!

It's no wonder we are seeing a worldwide agricultural and horticultural trend of converting to simpler and more effective fogging methods... with the help of our latest pulsFOG innovation, the TracFOG. Contact us today to learn more information on how your indoor greenhouse or outdoor plantation can benefit from TracFOG or many of our other advanced products. Otherwise, you might be left out "in the fog"!

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