Fighting the frost Warsaw // Poland

Did you know that pulsFOG's thermal and cold fogging machines have a wide array of applications? Some examples include: preventing the spread of diseases in both farm animals and humans, providing pest control to plant life in greenhouses and fields (while safeguarding soil flora and fauna), treating underground waste/sewage pipes, disinfecting and vaccinating livestock, or silos and stored products, and safeguarding plants from cold waves and quick overnight frosts.

After this years' mild winter and late spring chill, the cold wave and frost protection capabilities from pulsFOG have become increasingly popular in the long list of solutions for specialized indoor/outdoor needs. With the ever-changing weather conditions, our customers with greenhouses and farms in eastern Europe struggle to keep grass, plants and trees alive during largely unpredictable cold waves.

Production line of pulsFOG thermal fogger

To help combat against losing considerable amounts of crops to this revenue-threatening problem, numerous customers in Poland have ordered a high volume of pulsFOG Thermal Foggers this year. Frost damage occurs when ice forms inside the plant tissue and injures the plant cells. It can occur in annuals (grasses and legumes of forage and silage crops; cereals; oil and root crops; horticultural; and ornamental crops) multi-annuals and perennials (deciduous and evergreen fruit trees). Frost damage has a drastic effect upon the entire plant and/or affects part of the plant tissue, which reduces yield and product quality. It is not the cold temperature, but ice formation that actually injures the plants. We are able to help the small, medium and large scale farms save valuable crops during the cold winter freezes and sudden spring frosts with the help of our fogging technology and very knowledgeable customer service team.

Does your company have a seasonal or ongoing problem that needs to be tackled? Are you using equipment that is not versatile or tough enough to get the job done and get it done right? No matter what the size of your greenhouse, farm or field is, if you answered "yes" to either question, please contact us today to see if we have a better product, solution or idea to face your problem head on!