Annual tunnel fire test with K-30 fog generator Landeck // Austria

pulsFOG teamed up with Landeck Austria to participate this year in the annual Accidents Fire Brigade Tunnel fire test. Landeck Austria Fire Brigade is one of the leading fire stations in Europe, in regards to specialist tunnel accidents incidents.

The test consisted of a massive mock car crash scene in the center of a 6 kilometer long tunnel… without any exit options. With the help of the local Landeck police and Landeck fire department, this stretch of tunnel was completely shut down to commuters. In order to make the mock scene even more realistic, pulsFOG used it’s K30 Bio Thermal Fogger and Fog Disco Fog Fluid. The K30 combined with the pulsFOG Disco Fog Fluid gave firefighters an extremely real tunnel fire scene… with literally only a few meters of sight.

Tunnel fire test - fog generated by pulsFOG thermal fogger

The firefighters were able to practice safety procedures and life saving techniques in an actual scenario that would not be possible to replicate without the help of our pulsFOG foggers. Accident situation training a new and exciting arena for our pulsFOG machines to be used outside of our normal agricultural, pest and disease control uses. There is no doubt that our fogging devices help save lives in many different ways.

This just adds another to the list! Fire Brigades who want to fog staged “scenes” remotely where there is no electricity available, have no fear… pulsFOG is here!